an image of how to break up asphalt

Mastering Asphalt Removal: Step-by-Step Guide on How to Break Up Asphalt 

Asphalt driveways are popular due to their durability and cost-effectiveness. However, even with proper care, asphalt surfaces will eventually need replacing. Cracks, potholes, and other damages can make the asphalt unsafe and unsightly. If you’re facing the task of asphalt removal, you might be wondering whether to hire a professional or tackle the project yourself. […]
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how soon can you drive on new asphalt driveway

How Soon Can You Drive on New Asphalt: A Comprehensive Guide

If you have a new asphalt driveway, wait before using it to avoid damage. Knowing the drying time helps keep your driveway in good condition. In this guide, we’ll cover how soon you can drive on new asphalt, tips to speed up the drying process, best practices on how soon can you drive on new […]
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Tar and Chip Driveway Pros and Cons

Tar and chip driveways, also known as chip seal driveways, are popular for homeowners looking for a durable and cost-effective paving solution. This method involves applying a layer of hot liquid asphalt to the prepared surface, followed by a layer of small stone chips. The stones are then compacted into the asphalt, creating a textured […]
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Urbana Youth Sports

Just as a bird needs space to spread its wings, you need Urbana Youth Sports at 731 Children’s Home Rd, Urbana, OH 43078. It’s the place where children’s dreams take flight, where they learn to compete, and discover their passion for sports. You’ll be amazed at the variety of programs on offer, designed to give […]
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Mad River Farm Market

Imagine the sun warming your skin as you stroll through rows of fresh, vibrant produce at Mad River Farm Market. You’re not just shopping; you’re embarking on a journey of freedom. Tucked away in West Liberty, Ohio, this market is your gateway to the authentic farm experience. You get to pick your own fruits, vegetables, […]
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Paving Surface: Tar and Chip Driveway Colors – Boswell’s Paving in Springfield, Ohio

Tar and chip driveways, also known as chip seal driveways, are an increasingly popular choice among homeowners looking for a durable, cost-effective, and aesthetically pleasing driveway option. This type of driveway is constructed in layers, starting with a base layer of gravel. Next, hot liquid asphalt is applied over the gravel, followed by a layer […]
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