Colyell Community Park

Colyell Community Park – A Wonderful Place For A Stroll in Livingston, LA

With its lively population of over 92,000 and exceptional history, Livingston is a remarkable town in Louisiana that cannot be overlooked. Not only can you explore the unique culture while visiting this captivating place, but there is also an abundance of exciting activities awaiting your discovery! So do not miss out on all that Livingston has to offer – come and see for yourself!

When Louisiana was divided in 1835, Livingston Parish came into existence with the Amite River running along its south and west sides, the Tickfaw River cutting through its middle, and the Natalbany River defining its eastern border. Now considered one of the fastest-growing towns in the state due to excellent schools, budget-friendly housing options, and an overall appeal of small-town living, Livingston LA’s population has seen a significant rise over time.

Create lasting memories in Livingston, LA. Allow time to explore Livingston’s offerings! You won’t regret experiencing this town’s many weekend getaways or day trips.

Colyell Community Park in Livingston, Louisiana, is a 14.9-acre playground with endless outdoor fun! Let your youngsters explore while breathing fresh air. You’ll make lifelong memories and have a blast joining them!

About Colyell Community Park

Colyell Community Park is a wonderful recreational area near Springville and Livingston. Whether you’re looking for an enjoyable round of golf, a refreshing swim in the sizable pool, or some intense ball field practice – this park has it all! Plus, its seven courts make it ideal for those who love playing tennis. 

Despite the expense of the admission fee, visiting this stunning park is absolutely worth it. It boasts playgrounds, sports courts, and a library with an immense selection of books–all thanks to the remarkable Denham Springs Parks and Recreation Department which continuously strives for exceptional customer satisfaction.

It’s no mystery why this park has been hailed as the most remarkable of its kind in the area. Filled with exciting activities such as mini-golf, waterpark rides, a museum tour, historic sites, and not to mention numerous sports fields for football, soccer, or baseball – it truly offers something fun for everyone! Spend an entire day (or even multiple days) here, enjoying all kinds of entertainment tailored just right for your group.

What to Do in Colyell Community Park

Make time for yourself and get away from the daily grind by visiting Colyell Community Park in Livingston! Recharge your batteries, and take a break from the routine to reconnect with nature. Experience tranquility as you explore all that this park has to offer! 

Dare to explore our 14.9-acre park and embark on a thrilling journey of adventure! There’s something fun for everyone, from horseback riding and hiking trails to basketball courts, swimming pools, and more—all amidst amazing year-round events. Don’t miss out on this incredible chance to create unforgettable memories with your family—begin your exciting adventure today!

When it comes to navigating the wonders of Livingston, LA, where do we even begin? From discovering unique restaurants and cool bars to engaging in exhilarating activities, this locale will not disappoint!

Getting to Colyell Community Park

Utilizing the map below, you can anticipate how long it will take to journey from Canton, MS to Livingston, LA. Keep in mind that this estimate is based on prevailing traffic and road conditions.

Are you longing for a thrilling excursion or a leisurely weekend getaway? Look no further than the two-hour, fifty-two-minute journey from Canton, Mississippi to Livingston, Louisiana at an average speed of 48 mph! Our distance calculator tool is here to help you plan every detail: from determining your travel time and length of voyage to discovering how far away Livingston is – it’s all taken care of. So start plotting today and enjoy each moment on this once-in-a-lifetime road trip!

To witness the calming atmosphere of Colyell Community Park, take Interstate 12 to Livingston/Frost and follow Highway 63 southbound until you reach Perrilloux Road. Make a right turn onto this street and you will be immediately taken aback by the park on your left!